Coolblue is a Dutch e-commerce company that has fifteen physical stores across the Netherlands and Belgium. It also operates online and in Germany. In 2020, Coolblue reported revenue of approximately €2 billion. The company has a net profit of 114 million euros.

Customer service

Coolblue is a Dutch online retail company with an annual turnover of nearly one billion dollars. They sell standard electronic equipment such as televisions and washing machines. The company is relatively small, with only a few brick and mortar stores. As of 2016, they had an NPS of 69. It's not that they don't care about their customers, but their customers don't care as much about them.

A good customer service strategy will help the company maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Coolblue has implemented several methods to do this. Some of these include: a mobile app, web chat, and email. Despite their size, they maintain a positive and friendly attitude towards their customers.

Coolblue is a company that takes customer service seriously. Not only does the company use the latest in tech, but it also makes sure their customers are well taken care of. Unlike other companies that offer the same product, they also offer an extended warranty and two-man delivery service on their washing machines.

Field service management software

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Digital asset management solution

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Advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Coolblue is one of the leading online electronics retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium. They are known for their customer service and high satisfaction scores. A recent campaign involved a cross-channel approach. This included email, web, and store teams. The purpose of the campaign was to provide customers with a variety of information.

The campaign involved an ad, an app, and a website. It was an attempt to get more people to engage with Coolblue. Some of the ads were also designed to promote other products.

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Sales based on search of customers

Coolblue, one of the three largest online retailers in the Netherlands, is focusing on customer experience. The company is implementing end-to-end product journeys to ensure customers are satisfied.

Coolblue has a strong customer base, a high Net Promoter Score (NPS), and a strong reputation for providing great customer service. Its motto is to make small improvements every day. Among its products are televisions, DVDs, computers, and electronic equipment.

With a net turnover of EUR1.2 billion in 2017, Coolblue is one of the most successful omnichannel retailers in the Netherlands. Last year, the company invested in expanding its infrastructure and launching the new Coolblue Energy business. This year, Coolblue will expand its delivery network and offer new services like TV installation and smart home installation.

The online retailer has also been experimenting with physical stores. It opened an XXL store in Amsterdam and Hague in 2017. These stores provide consumers with a chance to test over 1,250 products. In addition, they act as a pick-up point for parcels.